Template And Installation

Templating & Installation Process

Template & Installation

One of the most important stages in the fitting of your kitchen worktops is templating. This process effectively measures the area where the proposed work surfaces will go, establishing the placement of any joins and cut-outs, while determining, logistically-speaking, how to get the large and heavy slabs of kitchen worktops into the kitchen in the first place.

Kitchen worktops will then be cut to size using the template, thus it’s imperative that the measurements are exact.

What is a Kitchen Worktop Template?

Kitchen worktop template has to take place on site to ensure that worktop are exact right size for space. A worktop template is a mock-up and is require before any worktops can be installed.
Following the templating process, your new kitchen worktops is cut to match the dimensions of the template before being deliver and install in your kitchen space.


What do I need to do to prepare my kitchen for a worktop template?

For a kitchen worktop template to be complete, kitchen must be complete to the point where worktops are being introduce.  To explain that better….any kitchen units that require a worktop to sit on them must already be fitted and level. Sink, Hobs and other appliances like taps should not be but ideally they would be on site to allow the templaters accurate positioning of cut outs.  If for example the hobs are not on site, then specifications and dimensions be build available to the templaters.

Any plasterwork/tiling that would affect the positioning of the worktops must be completed before the template is done and you as the customer should know the location of appliances, position of tap holes and worktop drainer grooves in advance.

This may all sound a bit daunting but it is essential to guarantee that your kitchen worktop to the high standards that you would expect.


When kitchen worktops have been install and inspect, you will be required to sign off the job and settle balance. Fitters typically carry a portable payment facility, thus you will be able to pay via credit or debit card, if you so choose. After which point, you are leave with a stunning addition to your kitchen; one which will no doubt be the source of pleasure for many years to come.


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